Settings dialog

To open Docky's settings dialog, left-click the Docky icon on the left edge of your dock: Dockyicon.png

Next click on the dock you want to edit.


The selected dock will get a soft glow and you can start editing it.


General options

In the top are the General Options which are applied to ALL the docks and consist of

Start When Computer Starts -- if checked Docky will start once you login
Theme -- select the theme of your choice. For more info go here: Themes

Docklets Tab

Here you will find the list of available docklets. For more info go here: List of docklets

Helpers Tab

This is where your helpers live. For more info go here: List of helpers

Dock configuration

The rest of the options here are going to be applied only to the currently SELECTED dock

Below General Options is the main configuration dialog for Docky.

I'll start from the top:

Hiding -- select if Docky should hide and if so how. 4 options are given

None -- the dock will always be visible
Autohide -- the dock will always hide unless you move your mouse pointer to where the dock is hidden and leave it over the dock
Intellihide  -- the dock will hide if it obstructs the currently active window
Window Dodge -- the dock will hide if it obstructs any window

Next to Hiding drop down menu , is a checkbox with the label "Fade on Hide". If checked Docky will fade when disappearing instead of sliding "in" the edge of the monitor.

Below the Hiding drop down menu is the

Icon Size slider -- how tall should the dock be in pixels
Zoom slider -- if checked the dock will use a parabolic zoom when you move the mouse over the icons

Zoom in action: Zoom.png

Panel mode checkbox -- if checked the dock to which it applies will expand it's background to will all the space left/right or up/down depending on how the dock is oriented
3D Background -- if checked the dock background will transform to a 3D plane with icons sitting on it

3D Background in action: 3d.png

Indicate Multiple Windows -- if checked the dock will have 2 indicator dots for every running application with multiple windows open
Manage Windows Without Launchers -- if checked the dock will add icons for running applications that don't have launcher on it
Help button in the lower left corner -- a link to this page

Plugins, Adding and Removing docks

Below the plugins panes we have the "New Dock" and "Delete Dock" buttons along with Close button. The "Close" button closes the configuration dialog and saves any customizations you may have done.

"New Dock" button creates a new empty dock. "Delete Dock" button will delete the currently selected dock. The currently selected dock is the one that has a soft glow behind it and will also have a tool-tip with the text "Drag to reposition".

Docks can be repositioned on any edge of the screen and will always be centered on the selected edge.