How to debug Docky

Fedora and Gentoo aren't supported by Docky and we don't accept bugs from users using Fedora or Gentoo systems. The reason is that Fedora isn't following standards in areas that Docky needs and they have a sub par support for Mono. If you want to use Docky use a decent distribution like Ubuntu or OpenSUSE or flame Fedora/Red-Hat developers.

The reason for Gentoo is... DBO explained it but I forgot what it was :/

Use the --debug switch (or -d) in a terminal. If you close the terminal you will kill Docky. So just minimize it and forget about it.

 docky --debug


 docky -d

If Docky is running but not responding (frozen), please do:

  kill -SIGQUIT $(ps x|grep Docky.exe|grep -v grep|awk '{ print $1; }')

This should dump a stack trace onto Docky's terminal.

Note that if you have Docky set to automatically start, Docky has no terminal and the output will be in your ~/.xsession-errors file.

We will also need this info:

Fixing crashes and 100% CPU usage, Dirty Harry style

There are still some serious bugs in Docky that show themselves on ocassion:

If you have any of the following symptoms then you can do this:

Get the latest Docky version from the PPA or Source. See here for info: Installing Docky

If the problems still won't go away you can reset all settings to factory defaults.


If you are cool with that then do the following from the terminal:

For Docky 2.0.x :

 killall docky
 rm -r ~/.local/share/docky
 rm -r ~/.cache/docky
 gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/docky-2

For Docky 2.1.x :

 killall docky
 rm -r ~/.local/share/dockmanager/
 rm -r ~/.cache/docky
 gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/docky-2

After that try starting Docky.