Adding docklets/helpers to your dock

To open Docky's settings dialog, left-click the Docky icon on the far left side of your dock: Dockyicon.png or right-click the icon and choose "Settings" from the menu. This popup menu can also be reached by right-clicking anywhere directly on the dock (on the left/right edge, which is only a few pixels wide, or on separators).

Adding Docklets

First, click on the dock you want to add docklets to:


Notice how the dock is now glowing. This means that you have selected that dock.

To add a docklet to the selected dock, click on the Docklets tab and then on the docklet you want to activate. When the docklet is highlighted, you will see a Plus-icon.png button if the docklet is inactive.

Removing an active docklet is similar. Click on the active docklet you wish to remove and simply click on the Remove-icon.png button.

A docklet can only be active on one dock, e.g. the Clock Docklet can only show on one dock and won't be available in the docklets list of any other dock on the screen.

Some docklets will have this icon Pref-icon.png to indicate you can configure them.

To move the docklet left or right on the dock (relative to other Docklets) simply use the Arrow-left.png and Arrow-right.png button.

Pressing the Help-icon.png button will bring you to this wiki and the page of the specific Docklet/Helper (if one exists) for more detailed information.

For a list of docklets go here: List of docklets

Adding helpers


To enable a helper you can simply select one from the list and click the Helper-enable-icon.png button. To disable simply click the Remove-icon.png button.

To learn more about a Helper simply click on the Help-icon.png button which will bring you to the relevant page on the Helper in the Docky wiki (if one exists).

For a list of helpers and further information go here: List of helpers