Adding/Removing application launchers, folders and files

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Please note that this article applies only to item that are left of the separator. Right of the separator are plugins. Do add or remove them go here: Adding docklets/helpers to your dock

Adding stuff to Docky

You can add all kinds of things to Docky. Application launchers, folders and files.

Method 1:

To add an item simply drag it onto Docky. Once you see the a tooltip with the text "Drop on Dock" let go of the mouse button.


Method 2:

The second method involves application that you started but that weren't present on the dock with their icon. Those applications show as the rightmost items in the application area. To add them to the dock simply right click on the applications icon and click the "Pin to Dock" button.


Removing stuff from Docky

To remove an item from the dock simply drag it out side the dock area and release the mouse button. The item will vanish in a poof of white smoke.


DON'T PANIC! The item wasn't deleted from your disk. It's still there, safely tucked in, in some folder/menu. The item was simply removed from Docky.

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